We make it easy for influencers to focus on what they do best - creating content - while we run the back end business - from landing brand partnerships to managing contract negotiation. 

But we also educate brands on social media and how to harness the power of influencers. If you're a brand looking to work with influencers, we can help! 


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Our roster includes a variety of lifestyle, fashion, and home decor influencers for any campaign and budget.

 We have micro influencers with 20K followers on Instagram to mega influencers with 5 Million subscribers on YouTube!


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Joelle Masterson

Anna Brooks

Brooke Taylor

Ashley Houston

The Epic Agency came about to help both brands and content creators in the influencer marketing community succeed. Through growing our personal brands, we learned first hand how to run everything on both the back and front end of our business. 

As an influencer, you can trust us to professionally manage your brand and help it thrive with brand partnerships. We've built numerous brand relationships over the years and know exactly what to advocate for in contract negotiations. 

As a brand, we offer you a unique perspective on how to work with influencers from strategy to campaign management. We are dedicated to helping your brand grow through the power of influencers & social media. 

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After 5+ years as content creators, we understand first hand the work that goes into creating and executing the perfect influencer campaign. 

Every brand is in a different stage of working with influencers.  Whether you've never worked with influencers before or your well versed, we can help!

 Lost in all things social media? In addition to influencer campaigns, we're here to elevate your social media presence and brand awareness. We create custom social media strategies for you to implement - from marketing campaigns and 60 day content calendars to content creation.  

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Be the first to know about our social media Brand Bootcamp - an in person workshop in Franklin, TN.

Learn the basics of growing an online presence from how to development social media campaigns to working with influencers. 

Join us for our Social Media Brand Bootcamp 2023 in Franklin, TN!

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